O'Hanlon Tax Limited

O'Hanlon Tax Limited ("OHT") provides advice across a range of tax heads as outlined below.

Capital Gains Tax Returns & Advice

OHT has extensive experience in dealing with CGT issues. We provide computations of CGT payable, and advice on securing relief to minimise tax. We can assist with the CGT implications of estate transactions, trusts, break-up of settlements and re-organisations, and advise on the purchase and disposal of investment and business assets. more details

Income Tax Returns & Advice

We provide an efficient tax compliance service that focuses on providing early notification of deadlines and of the information required to file returns. We can deal with tax-based investments, and advise on maximising allowances, credits and reliefs. more details

Stamp Duty

OHT provides advice on stamp duty provisions and reliefs.  We can assist in claiming reliefs, and in assessing the stamp duty cost of investments or gifts. more details

Corporation Tax Returns & Advice

We provide a CT compliance service, aiming to minimise the corporation tax due and structure a company's tax affairs so as to maximise any available claims for relief. We also advise on the acquisition of new business assets, and on restructuring groups. more details


OHT advises on the VAT implications of transactions, including VAT on property transactions.  We can register clients for VAT, and we provide a VAT compliance service. more details

Capital Acquisitions Tax Returns & Advice

OHT provides a comprehensive CAT management service including pre-death review of the tax implications of gifts and Wills, assistance in the CAT compliance implications of any gifts or inheritances and assistance in dealing with Revenue in cases where taxpayers are selected for audit. more details

Contact info( put at symbol here)ohanlontax.ie for further details of any services.